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Cheat Empire Earth 1

·       1,000 More Food: boston food sucks
·       1,000 More Gold: atm
·       1,000 More Iron: creatine
·       1,000 More Rock: rock&roll
·       1,000 More Wood: you said wood
·       100,000 of All Resources: all your base are belong to us
·       Building of All Structures Completed: coffee train
·       Display All Cheat Codes: display cheat
·       Full map: asus drivers
·       Full Map and All Resources: my name is methos
·       Instant Building and Research: brainstorm
·       Lose the Game: ahhhcool
·       No Food: slimfast
·       No Gold: boston rent
·       No Iron: girlyman
·       No Resources: the big dig
·       No Rock: mine your own business
·       No Wood: uh, smoke?
·       Planes Refueled in Mid-air: friendly skies
·       Remove Objects from Map: headshot
·       Restore Energy to Character: i have the power
·       Unknown Effect: bam
·       Upgrade to lvl.10 for All Units: the quotable patella
·       View Fish and Animals: Columbus
·       Win the Game: somebody set up us the bomb


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